Design Yourself 120: Design Myself Experiment – What I Learned

In 2018, Sharon conducted a little experiment – Design Myself. The Design Yourself method that she’d honed through personal reflection and lessons learned through her executive coaching work had taught her how to support individuals and organizations to get really clear on what they want and then move towards making that vision come to life. She’d podcasted for nearly 100 episodes on the topic to boot. But it had been awhile since she went inward and really asked herself those same questions. Thus Design Myself was born. She took a simple approach with big, BIG results. Tune in to today’s episode to hear what Sharon learned and to consider what might serve you as you move towards your own dream, wishes and ambitions.

Ideas Shared

5 Top Lessons from Design Myself Experiment

  1. Strike the balance for this season between structure and flexibility
  2. Focus on self first and the rest will follow
  3. Strengths Can Get In Our Way
  4. Magic is real
  5. Habits change with our assessments (e.g., beliefs, judgements, stories)

Monthly Themes In 2018

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