Design Yourself 87: Magic

Have you ever had the feeling that things just seemed to fall into place without any effort at all? The feeling that just by wishing for something that of course it would be so? April’s “Design Myself” theme is inspired by just such a feeling – the feeling of magic. In this week’s episode, Sharon shares some of her resistance to the idea of magic and the 5 spaces she’s exploring this month to play with the wild possibility of making things happen – with ease. From getting out into her own garden to vacationing in one of her favorite places to paying attention to the moon, this week’s episode offers up many opportunities for brings a little more magic into your everyday. Wand optional.


“Changing our questions can change our life. What we ask, directs where we follow. What we see determines where we question. You’ve got to shift your perspective – literally change the question –  to move down a new path.”


Ideas Shared

5 Magical Explorations

  1. See Something New
  2. Ask New Questions
  3. Be Positive + Allow For Healing
  4. Pause + Look Within
  5. Experiment