Design Yourself 86: Mindfulness and Meditation

What if I told you that you could actually increase your brain function in just 8 weeks and all you have to do is meditate? Scientific studies have shown the meditating can improve things like your memory, compassion and sense of self relevance. At the same time it can decrease your anxiety, fear and stress. In this week’s episode, Sharon shares her own journey into mindfulness and meditation and how she has come to understand these two practices. She then offers up 5 simple ways for how to bring mindfulness into your everyday and how these simple tactics lay the groundwork for more in depth meditation. If you are a meditation-curious or ready to deepen an existing practice, this week’s episode is for you.

“What is it that my awareness lacks? What am I hungry for? What diversions am I giving more attention to than my true self?”

Ideas Shared

Mindfulness vs. Meditation

These two terms are often used interchangeably. Here is how Sharon sees the two:

Mindfulness – The act of bringing an observer’s lens to your thoughts; quieting the mind by bringing focus to it.

Meditation – Letting go out your thoughts and tapping into your inner being and in so doing connecting to the universal oneness of all things.

5 Simple Ways to Bring Mindfulness into Your Day

  1. Pay attention to your breath – Take 3 deep breaths and really allow yourself to notice the quality of each breath.
  2. Hold a receiving posture – Sit or stand with your palms up, shoulders back and chest open.
  3. Follow your thoughts – Sit down with both feet rooted into the ground and bring focus to your thoughts. Do not let the thoughts run the show; allow your attention to slow your thoughts down. 
  4. Appreciate the action you take – Bring attention to whatever you are doing. Be in the task and appreciate your ability to both do and notice what you are doing.
  5. Get uncomfortable with not doing – To find stillness, we often have to move through the discomfort of not choosing the distraction.

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