Set your vision.

Lead with intention.

Act on purpose.



Set Your Vision for 2024

Are you ready to get clear on what you really want?

For a limited time, Point Road is offering Vision Readings to help you do just that! Complete with guided resources and a live 90-minute session with founder Sharon Lipovsky, your Vision Reading will help you connect with your purpose, gain greater clarity and and set meaningful, aligned intentions for your work and life. Book yours today!

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Point Road Studios partners with organizations, teams and individuals to develop your leaders, expand your organization’s capacity and raise the collective consciousness about what is possible.


We believe in the power of vision to clarify our purpose, strengthen our leadership and bring ease to the way we work. Our mix of coaching, workshops, strategy and assessments build client experiences that deliver an immediate impact and scale with you over time.

PRS Founder celebrates making her own dream a reality.


The New York Times explores Sharon’s personal journey towards achieving her family’s vision of creating change and not letting anything stop them.


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What We Do

We build and deliver partnerships that accelerate change. Your goals guide our partnership design. 




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Our Team   


Our partnerships are designed and led by founder and executive coach Sharon Lipovsky.

Driven by her personal mission to banish the world of limiting mindsets, Sharon believes that there is nothing stopping you. She leverages her champion listening superpower with clients to spark awareness, shift perspectives and energize the growth process. Her coaching and facilitation is informed by her own background as a sales and marketing executive, change agent, and business owner. Sharon and the PRS team partner with clients ranging from tech-savvy startups and small businesses to globally recognized brands and corporate powerhouses.

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Our Clients

We are people first and so are our clients.

Our clients are committed to creating impact, embracing growth, and understanding the role that people play in achieving both of these.



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