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Point Road Studios is a coaching and leadership development business based in upstate New York and serving customers around the world. Our focus is on helping businesses and creatives bring intention and choice into their work and lives. Whether you are wondering how to choose your path, grow your business or build your team, we are here to help.

You can design yourself.

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Building a Sustainable Six-Figure Business as a Coach

Jan 23 – Feb 27 2019
Explore everything from identifying meaningful short and long-term goals, establishing your ideal clients/service offering, identifying your greatest inflection point in the sales cycle and more.

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Design Your Work Mastermind

Coming in 2019
Bring meaning and purpose to the way you work. Learn how to set a vision, eliminate distracting white noise, own your voice and take aligned action in this present moment.

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About Us

Point Road is a design studio for people. Yep, people. We help our clients solve problems and live into their greatest potential. Building our Point Road community, sharing ideas that catalyze, and creating beautiful and useful objects make us pumped to get out of bed each morning.

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Design Yourself

A weekly podcast for people who want to lead a well-designed life. Figure out what you want + make it happen.
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Design Yourself 124: Love and Leadership

Happy Valentine’s Day! And welcome to Design Yourself’s new release day, Thursday! (If you are wondering why we moved from Mondays to Thursdays, go check out the last Monday episode where I dish on this shift.) This week’s episode talks about two seemingly distinct topics: love and leadership. How many… Read more