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Fear and the Habit of Momentum

MY PREGNANT PILGRIMAGE #13  May 30, 2012 I’m lying in bed in Villa Franca listening to Spiritualized’s Soul on Fire on repeat.  Great song. I was just hit by a memory flash. It’s the summer 2009 and I am sitting on a small plane rising slowly up into the air. A … Read more

Gifts in Santa Domingo

MY PREGNANT PILGRIMAGE #12 May 29, 2012 What gifts I have been blessed with in the past several days. Here are just a few: The walk to Santa Domingo including a long, hot hill. But at its summit many gifts awaited us. First there was the wind. We raised our arms and … Read more

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Design Yourself 45: Marie Kondo Your Business

Host Sharon isn’t afraid to admit she loves a good organizing fest. Ever since she was a little girl, she’s been famous (erm, sometimes infamous) for her love of taking everything down off the shelves so that she could pick it back up in a new and improved order. So … Read more

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