Point Road is a design studio for people. Yep, people. We help our clients solve problems and live into their greatest potential. Building our Point Road community, sharing ideas that catalyze, and creating beautiful and useful objects make us pumped to get out of bed each morning.

We believe that you can bring a designer’s mindset to the way you live and lead in the same way you design a piece of furniture, organize your living room or layout a website. For us, great design happens at the intersection of beauty, function and intention. We work with our community to help individuals and organizations get clear on what they want and design a path forward.

We believe that the more people there are doing things that light them up, the better off this whole, wide, beautiful world will be. Be your best self. Make the best world. It’s that big. And it’s that simple.




Point Road is our design studio, but it’s also a real place. Point Road is a winding street in upstate New York that founder Sharon Lipovsky has been going to every summer of her adult life. Down a long gravel driveway is a camp that’s been in her family for over a hundred years. Her children are the beginning of the sixth-generation to enjoy this place. It is the kind of majestic setting that inspires – high peaks of the Adirondacks soar on one side and the giant expanse of Lake Champlain spreads out along the other. Vermont’s Green Mountains across the water look a hazy shade of purple at dusk.


Time slows in this magical place and the important things always have a way of taking focus. Gone are the worries of email backlogs, performance objectives and information overload. You can focus on the things that matter most. Community, being outdoors, making things with our hands, peace. Your whole person feels rejuvenated by this place and the simple life that it offers. We aim to bring the spirit of Point Road to every engagement that we build and the way that we operate ourselves.

Beyond the physical location, we appreciate the spirit of these words.

We see ourselves as partners with you on a journey. You set the purpose of where we are headed, but we are there to walk with you every step of the way.




Sharon Lipovsky founded Point Road Studios in 2012 after the birth of her first child. It felt like a tough decision at the time. She had spent the first decade of her career working in professional services as a sales and account executive known for building lasting relationships and getting results. She loved supporting her healthcare and higher education clients; these were people committed to making positive change real in the world. How could she possibly walk away from meaningful work that challenged her to grow and provided a comfortable life for her family?

It took a fair amount of internal reflection (spending a month walking across Spain while 6 months pregnant helped a lot!), but in the end the choice was obvious. Comfort wasn’t as important as adventure. Doing great work is awesome, but Sharon was more curious about creating the biggest, most meaningful impact possible. She was ready for a new playground and something deep inside told her there was more she could offer. She figured that since so many other balls were already up in the air, she might as well commit to juggling! She has been regularly delighted by where this at-the-time terrifying decision has led her.

Sharon has been fascinated by both art and business for as long as she can remember. Her first entrepreneurial venture was Artistic Art. (She and her friends couldn’t believe they came up with such a fantastic name. Yeah. They were 6 years old.) They held art fairs, gallery openings, pop up lemonade stands and yard sales. They even put out a magazine made out of leftover school folders discovered in the garage. They had enthusiastic and proud patrons (ahem, parents and neighbors). Humor aside, Artistic Art was Sharon’s original foray into creative entrepreneurship, and it taught her some lasting lessons that continue to play a role at Point Road:

Work with people you love! Create objects that make you happy! Don’t be afraid to ask for what you are worth! Sharon is glad that even as a grown up, she can still bring people together to play, create and grow.



Many hands make light work. Big ideas require a team of leaders with a shared vision to get the job done. We are delighted to have a team of amazing Point Road Collaborators to make work on this scale happen. Here are some of the people Point Road is working with on a regular basis.

Jon Flannery, Designer and Printer (Cryptogram)


Jon is a brilliant designer and printer. Sharon interviewed countless designers to develop the Point Road brand identity and nothing felt right. She met with several firms and individuals with excellent work and references that sang their praises, but she still felt hesitant. Then she met Jon and hired him on the spot. He collaborates with his clients throughout the iterative design process and brings his own unique perspective into the work. His adeptness for both listening deeply and not being afraid to push boundaries results in the most beautiful designs. He also has the rare gift in our digital age of producing beautiful printed material. When I had a vision for the Go Beyond coloring + activity book he was a natural collaborator. When I wanted to create a poster to celebrate a fellow entrepreneur’s success, I knew just where to go. Jon brings Point Road’s design vision to life and for that I am grateful.

Web: http://cryptogramink.com/
Instagram: @cryptogramink


Bethany Dufour, Executive Coach and Facilitator (Maley Group)


Bethany and Sharon met while in Georgetown University’s coaching program and bonded during an evening kayak adventure. After the program ended they decided to keep their learning going and coach each other. This was the beginning of a creative partnership that continues to flourish today. Bethany is a gifted coach who is endlessly supportive, kind and generous. She’s also got this amazing ability to take breaks. Sure, she is stellar at getting things done, but she is equally effective at creating space to recharge and rejuvenate. Before launching her own leadership development practice, Bethany spent nearly a decade designing and delivering training workshops and charting the course for learning and development at the world’s leading cosmetology education company. She collaborated with Point Road to launch the Entrepreneur’s Getaway Retreat, which was a real turning point for every business owner in attendance. Bethany is also one of the best event planners I’ve ever met. Just ask her family who requests (demands?!) that she organize their ‘Farkel Family Vacation’ for 22+ each year. Bethany is my thought partner, retreat collaborator, and all round good friend. I am so delighted that she is part of the Point Road team.

Web: http://maleygroup.com/


Colin Phillips, Chief Wordsmith and Technology Advisor


Colin is the most gifted editor I know. (Though admittedly I might be a little biased seeing as I’ve been married to this fellow for about a decade.) He has been a quiet and consistent support since Point Road launched back in 2012. Today he is the audio engineer for the Design Yourself podcast and our copyeditor of choice. He brings both a creative and a technical expertise to his work which is informed by his twin experiences as a poet and technical writer. Colin’s creative writing is influenced by his deep appreciation for the avant garde and irreverent; he read a lot of Philip Larkin in high school. He brings his sense of humor and inventive thinking into his work as a writer, editor, and strategist who traverses a diverse set of terrains – from human capital to public policy to public affairs. When not writing, you will likely find him in the kitchen where he might be making ramen from scratch, bottling kombucha, or fermenting radishes.


Elena Rue and Catherine Orr, Video Storytellers (StoryMineMedia)


These documentary videographers have a gift for getting to the heart of the story. Elena and Catherine teamed up in 2011 after learning and working together for two years at the UNC School of Journalism and Mass Communication. They have the rare gift of being gifted creatives and super organized professionals. Their mission is to tell stories that move people, and boy do they! I’ve known Elena since we were college freshman spending weekend evenings in the darkroom for our Photo 101 course. In addition to having a great eye, she had the most amazing work ethic. Still does. When I met Catherine, it was immediately apparent what easy and complimentary business partners they are. How many artists do you know who proactively reject the idea that creativity comes from chaos? Point Road first teamed up with StoryMine when they joined us at our Entrepreneur’s Getaway Retreat in 2014 and it was pure magic. I got to support Elena and Catherine as they developed a growth strategy for StoryMine and they helped me shape the Point Road story. We’ve been collaborating together ever since. I am so happy to have this duo on our team.

Web: http://storyminemedia.com/
Instagram: @storyminemedia


Interested in becoming a Point Road Collaborator? Think you can help us spread the Design Yourself spirit? Tell us your idea!


Our clients are the leaders of mission-driven organizations and they are creative independents. We work with both organizations and individuals because we recognize that big change requires a systematic approach AND that all change starts locally. We appreciate getting to work on both scales and find that – despite their differences – this interplay creates a rich learning environment for all of our clients. (Us too!)

Our clients do a lot of different things – they are launching lifestyle brands, they are producing full-length films and shorts, they are Fortune 50 executives leading global teams, they are health care consultants focused on improving patient care. What they have in common is a commitment to make the world a better place and a desire to grow themselves as leaders, business owners, and creatives. Really, they want to grow as people. We love that about them.