85: Things I’m Afraid to Tell You

What are you afraid to say out loud? What places do you feel stuck? Sharon is joined by her dear friend and fellow executive coach Bethany Dufour in this week’s episode to explore these questions and more. You’ll get an honest and unfiltered look into the places where Sharon gets stuck and also get to observe a coaching conversation in action. Sharon talks about getting her chakras read, being in the middle of a transition but also feeling stuck, her fear of disappointing people and her worries about being selfish when she prioritizes herself first. You’ll hear her move towards realizations about needing to stop doing something and also her new distinctions about how she is holding the idea of letting go. This is a great episode for anyone who is curious about some of the personal questions that Sharon is working through, anyone who is curious what it is like to be coached, and anyone who is working through his or her own transition.

“That’s one of the greatest benefits of coaching – it’s the space for you to reflect deeply on questions that are simple and yet profound.” – Bethany Dufour

“I need to stop doing something. But what?” – Sharon Lipovsky

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