84: Solving A Wicked Problem & Other Things I Learned at Alt Summit

Altitude Summit is a conference for creative entrepreneurs and social media influencers. It’s bright colors, fashionable attire, gorgeous location and – best of all – a fantastic community gathered to learn and grow together. Sharon attended this year for the first time and was blown away by the experience. She gets why 85% of attendees have come back more than once. In today’s episode, Sharon shares a glimpse into the experience of Alt Summit 2018 with headlines from talks that inspired her, ideas that stuck with her and the  lessons she is carrying with her from this amazing experience. From What Not to Wear’s Stacy London talking about the Evolutionary Woman to Liz Forkin Bohannon bringing new insights to Design Thinking, prepare to have your socks knocked off. This is a great episode for anyone looking for some fresh perspective and inspiration or who might just be curious about what all the Alt Summit hoopla is about.

“The bigger takeaway I had was that the ideas will iterate and grow with inspiration. For me it wasn’t about having a clear understanding for the sake of getting an A on the test. It was about asking myself what small nugget would inspire in me a new way of doing. Or better yet, a new way of being.”

Ideas Shared

7 Key Takeaways from Alt Summit 2018

  1. An Okay System You Use is Better than a Perfect System You Don’t Use
  2. Choose inspiration over ideas
  3. Be a beginner
  4. Take care first
  5. Keep It Simple
  6. Follow Your Wicked Problem
  7. The Power of the MVP

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