Design Yourself 42: From Dream to Reality with Melissa Sanabria

Melissa Sanabria is one of those rare people who is both super creative and super organized. She is the designer and blogger behind Pretty Little Rowhouse and she is a consultant with a Big Four accounting firm. She is a natural at dishing out great design solutions and she is just as comfortable directing projects and managing clients engagements. This week we get to hear the story of how she developed these twin skill sets and what she learned along the way. In the process, we hear many great examples for how knowing what you want can really catalyze you to take actions that move you towards that reality. Melissa has made a series of intentional choices that I think will inspire all of us, especially anyone who is wondering how to launch a business that comes from the heart.

“All of a sudden the wave carries you and then you’re like, what happened?” – Melissa Sanabria

“I’m at the point where I need to decide: Am I going to be all in on [my job] or all in on my business. I like to work and I like to be challenged; it’s hard to do both halfway. I kind of need to choose one or the other and be all in.” – Melissa Sanabria

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