Design Yourself 43: Reflections on 40 Days of Rest

Sharon is back with her first solo show as a mama of three. She shares what she learned by setting a 40 day boundary for extreme rest post the arrival of her new son. No matter your life circumstances, all of us can benefit from finding ways to carve out rest in a way that works for us and our life circumstances. This episode is great for anyone who is feeling ready to take a break, is wondering about the value of stepping back or who is just curious about what Sharon’s been up for the last few months.


What I learned from taking 40 days to rest…

  • It was easier than I thought to jump right in
  • Preparation helps 
  • There are lots of ways to rest 
  • Rest made me happy
  • Timing matters 
  • Having a boundary helps
  • I could have done it for longer
  • Maternity leave isn’t the only cause for a period of rest


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