Design Yourself 33: Setting Boundaries

Hate the feeling of being caged in? Me too. It may seem counterintuitive, but boundaries are a hugely impactful way to open yourself up to greater possibility. In today’s episode, Sharon discusses boundary setting using her three maternity leaves as examples for how her boundaries  around this special time shape-shifted over time. While this episode will likely peak the interest of anyone preparing for their own maternity leave or supporting someone in this process, Sharon promises the 6 lessons shared on boundary setting extend far beyond this context.


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Key Lessons on Setting Boundaries

  1. DO set clear boundaries – be as specific as possible; understand what is black and white and where there is some blurry grey
  2. Boundaries provide a structure that offers enormous freedom to play and create
  3. Boundaries can be stretched and redefined
  4. A boundary stretched extensively is no longer a boundary
  5. Pick a defined timeline; when in doubt keep it short (K.I.S.)
  6. Reflect, evaluate, refine (or redefine)


The First Forty Days has been a major source of inspiration to me as I prepare for this maternity leave

I didn’t reference this in the podcast, but I really enjoyed Megan Gilger’s take on maternity leave, How I Took Maternity Leave as an Entrepreneur.