Design Yourself 41: On the Road with Aimee Rowe

Aimee Rowe returns to the show this week for the second half of her Camino de Santiago discussion with Sharon. In episode 40 Aimee and Sharon share how they prepared to walk this ancient pilgrimage route through Spain. This week they share what the experience of walking was actually like. Hear Aimee and Sharon’s favorite Camino adages, what they loved about the journey, who some of the memorable characters were that they met along the way, and more. Whether you are curious about walking the Camino yourself or just want to hear two friends reflect on what they learned when they stretched their limits, this episode is definitely worth a listen. Buen Camino!

“The Camino provides.” – Aimee Rowe

Aimee and Sharon taking one last picture together on the Camino before their paths diverge.
A favorite food on the Camino – bocadillos de huevos. Holy hiking appetite, right?!
Remember how excited Aimee and I told you we were about finding a washing machine. Proof!

Ideas Shared

Sharon and Aimee’s Camino Adages

  • The Camino provides
  • A true pilgrim doesn’t judge other pilgrims
  • The Camino giveth and the Camino taketh away
  • The Camino isn’t about you
  • You might have plans for the Camino but the Camino has plans for you, These may or may not coincide.

Resources and Links

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