Design Yourself 88: Empowerment and Personal Style with Natalie Tincher of BU Style

Do you have one of those friends who you freaking love to hang out with and who kind of blows your mind when it comes to what she has created professionally? Natalie Tincher is just like that. She’s about as down to earth as they come and super impressive. Time Out Magazine named her business one of New York’s top personal shopping services. In today’s episode we learn all about Natalie’s journey from freelance copy editor to thriving entrepreneur. We discuss everything from fast fashion and personal styling tips to how love and empowerment fuel everything that Natalie does. We also learn about what some of the investments Natalie has made to scale her business including hiring her first employee and rebranding her business. This episode is a great fit for anyone who has ever wondered how to put your whole self into a thriving entrepreneurial business. It’s also a must listen for anyone curious about the power of self love and failing forward.

“I lead with my heart and love with everything in life. So I need everything I do with my clients to also feel that way.” – Natalie Tincher

“Here I am back in 2014 7 months pregnant with Crosley wearing this sweet Marimekko dress that Natalie helped me find. I would NEVER have picked this up off the shelves myself, but 4 years later I still love this piece and I still get compliments every time I wear it.” – Sharon