Design Yourself 89: Stop Worrying About Money & Try This

When we are on the midst of realizing something close to our heart, money worries often show up. It might be about fear of change or a concern about being vulnerable. No matter the circumstances, when we are on the cusp of a transition money worries are a common road block. This week’s episode highlights some of the reasons the two are so linked up and then shares strategies for how to buck this unhelpful trend. You’ll hear about how you can lessen the fear and move into inspired action. You’ll also learn about why cynicism around money is getting in your way and how to grow your confidence and bank account too. For anyone in the midst of a transition who is feeling stuck around money, this episode is for you. If you’ve got a dream, don’t let money stop you from running after it. There is nothing stopping you, including money.

“What would support you in taking back your power from the worry, from the fear that is present? How might you move forward? How might you cozy up to that money worry and see it for what it is.”

Ideas Shared

How to Address and Replace Money Worry

  • Cozy up to your worry
  • Take inspired money action
  • Get clear on what’s scary but not dangerous versus what is dangerous but not scary

Connecting Money and Magical Thinking

  • Name without apology what you want
  • Let go of the cynicism around money
  • Build a sense of confidence and trust in yourself
  • Lean on your spiritual practice


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