Design Yourself 96: Trust and a Mid-Year Update

Drum roll please. The Design Myself theme for July is….Trust. We are officially over half way through 2018 (!) and in this week’s episode Sharon reflects on what she has noticed and learned through her month-by-month commitment to a particular theme. Hear how April’s theme of Magic catapulted her onto a new life path and how February’s theme of Focus triggered some old habits that weren’t really working for her. Sharon shares what’s been really working and also places where she notices she is still getting stuck. All the while she invites you to reflect on your own 2018. Are you moving toward a year that delights you? On track to celebrate that big milestone that awaits you at year end? Sharon then goes deeper on July’s theme of Trust. She shares the three “reminders” that help her move through transitions in a way that cultivates trust. She then shares the four actions that she takes to promote trust – with herself and others. This episode is great for anyone who is curious about how to make and move through big life/work leaps in a way that builds the kind of trust necessary to come through the transition whole. It’s also awesome for anyone who has been tracking with Sharon’s own personal journey who is curious to hear some honest reflection on how it’s all coming together.

Ideas Shared

3 Supports for Moving Through Transition

  • Remember the mantra “I choose this”
  • Focus on your energy
  • Be vulnerable

4 Way to Build Trust with Yourself and Others

  • Reflect on the question “What’s true now?”
  • Be open and honest about how you feel
  • Surround yourself with people who support you
  • Be willing to adapt

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