Design Yourself 97: Moving On

Goodbyes can be really hard. Sometimes because the situation is so emotionally fraught – a job you feel trapped in; a toxic relationship; a commitment that has you moving toward burn out. Sometimes because the situation is really wonderful – you are in love but have a plane to catch; your partner’s fantastic new promotion means a cross country move; your dreams that once led you here are now leading you elsewhere. That last one is the position Sharon finds herself contemplating this week. After 4 years back in the neighborhood she called home for all her childhood, she is moving on. As she and her family prepare to finalize the sale of her home and move north, she shares 3 lessons about moving on regardless of what your starting point is. This episode is great for anyone contemplating or in the midst of a big life transition or curious to know what’s keeping Sharon going as she wraps up life in DC and prepares for a family adventure in upstate New York.


Ideas Shared

3 Lessons for Moving On

  1. Complement Your Natural Strengths
  2. Be Clear on What Matters Most
  3. Take Good Care

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