Design Yourself 94: Choiceful

One of the things that can get in the way of leading from a place of power and intention is really feeling like we have a choice in the matter. To be choiceful is to lead from a place of power and personal accountability. It’s about seeing that you are stuck – whether in a bad situation, mindset, habit – and then choosing a new path forward. This week Sharon uses a decision she’s making as she prepares for her move to the Hudson Valley to describe the difference between leading choicefully and leading when you feel backed into a decision. She then contextualizes this example by sharing 3 common roadblocks to being choiceful as well as 6 tactics to help you on this path. Finally she offers up 5 reflection questions to bring this framing back to your own work and lives. For anyone feeling stuck or ready to amplify what’s working, this week’s episode is for you. It’s also great for anyone curious to know more about what Sharon’s up to personally as she prepares for moving upstate.

“We value what we choose. When we choose we feel strong and empowered. When we feel like we have no choice (including feeling that all the choices are bad), we feel out of control/, like things are just happening to us, like the victim.”

Ideas Shared

Roadblocks to Being Choiceful

  • Scarcity mindset
  • False sense of urgency
  • Self judgement

Pathway to Being Choiceful

  • Sufficiency mindset
  • Accountability for your decisions
  • Disrupt your triggers
  • Ask questions
  • Stick to the facts
  • Use neutral language

Reflection Questions

  1. Consider a time when you have been super choiceful. What are you like when you are being choiceful? What does it feel like to you?
  2. Consider a time when you felt backed into a situation, like you had no choice. What were your triggers? What helped you to get out of that mindset? Or what’s making you feel stuck there?
  3. Where in your life would you benefit from amplifying the choiceful mindset? What simple step could you take today to get you there?
  4. What support do you need to tap into being choiceful every day?
  5. What are you committed to based on your answers to the questions above?

Resources and Links

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