Design Yourself 93: Truth and a Personal Update

The Philovsky Family is following a dream and moving to the Hudson Valley (NY)! Hear from Sharon about what is inspiring this move to Ulster County, how this move ties into the vision she and her husband dreamed up years ago and what new work opportunities this opens up. (Psst – you can come stay on the property in a gorgeous cottage for your own personal Design Yourself retreat!) This personal update is shared within the context of this month’s theme of Truth. Sharon shares a few simple questions to help you find your own truth and how to sit quietly with the light and the dark of what you discover.


“Sometimes it’s not about what you are moving away from. It’s what you are moving towards.”

Ideas Shared

Questions to Find Your Truth

  • What is true right now?
  • And what else? (And what else…?)
  • What is true from your past?

Resources and Links