Design Yourself 92: How to Say What You Want

It’s one thing to see what you want, but it’s quite another thing to be able to communicate that vision to others. When we know how to say what we want, others can help support us on that path and we can more clearly direct ourselves to the future we desire. This weeks episode looks at common roadblocks to saying what you want like fear, lack of clarity, wordiness and concern for what others think. Sharon then shares ways to overcome that resistance like being direct, getting specific about what you want, being “selfish” and more. Finally you will learn how to put all of these tools together and get into the everyday practicing of saying what you want. Enjoy!

Ideas Shared

What Gets in the Way of Saying What We Want

  • Too many words
  • Fear
  • Lack of clarity
  • Focusing on What Others Want

Overcoming Resistance

  • Be direct
  • Let go
  • Be specific
  • Focus on What YOU Want
  • Cultivate the emotion that will serve you
  • Honor the emotion that you are in

How to Say What You Want

  1. Ask Your Heart, “What Do I Really Want?”
  2. Quiet Your Mental Chatter
  3. Write it Down
  4. Say it Aloud
  5. Tell A Friend

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