Design Yourself 91: Vision

Vision, if we’re lucky, is what propels us forward. We set our sights on what we want and then choose to move in that direction. It’s rare that our visionary paths are linear but the sightline helps keep our actions aligned with our values, our choice. This month’s “Design Myself” theme is vision. You will hear about how vision fits into Sharon’s larger 2018 path, receive a few questions to prompt your own visionary reflection, learn about the connection between vision and seasonal (springtime!) living and hear about some personal updates in Sharon’s life and business. Whether you are curious to learn about some of the behind the scenes looks into this coach entrepreneur’s world or to prompt your own Design Myself path forward, this week’s episode is for you.


“It’s about not taking on too much…the thing I do want is to choose intentionally, to be choiceful. And that’s ultimately what Design Yourself is about. When you are figuring out what you want and you are making it happen and you are going after that thing that really matters to you, that’s about being in a place of choice. It really doesn’t usually matter what the thing is, it’s that you are saying, “Yes, this is what I choose” – as a human being or as an organization. You are not just letting things happen to you.

Ideas Shared

  • Vision is a present action; not just about the future
  •  Spring is a perfect time for visioning. Like planting the seeds that you want to bring into being over the Summer and Fall months.
  • Be choiceful about your commitments. Make sure this is THE vision you REALLY WANT!

Vision Reflection Questions

  • What do I want?
  • What, if I gave it up, would I not miss at all?
  • What would support me in letting go of that?
  • What am I desiring that would light me up?
  • How might I manifest that thing?

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