Design Yourself 05: A Vision Meditation

Naming what you want is an incredible first step to any kind of change. In today’s podcast, Sharon shares the first step in her Go Beyond Vision Cycle: Getting clear on what it is that you want. To help listener’s see for themselves what it is that their hearts desire, she spends most of the podcast offering a vision meditation (questions, prompts, exercises) to help you focus in on all that is possible. Wishing you fun and few surprises as you play and explore here! Warning: The meditation featured may make you want to lie down in a quiet place and just listen. 😉


Bravely and boldly looking out to what you really want is an incredibly creative act. In a literal sense, you are the creator of your future.

The intention I hold for anyone – and everyone! – embarking on this process is simple: There is nothing stopping you. May it support you in whatever vision unfolds for you.


This meditation evolved organically from my Go Beyond visioning process. You can learn more about that process here and if you fancy a playful workbook to support you in this process, you can check out the accompanying coloring + activity book for adults here



Tips for listening to this meditation:

  • It’s okay to listen more than once
  • Create a safe and quiet space
  • Be open to what comes
  • Trust yourself


This meditation can be completed in under 25 minutes. Find a quite space and feel free to skip ahead to where the meditation begins. Good luck!

Meditation Begins – 3:50

Meditation Ends – 27:05