Design Yourself 98: How to Make the Leap

Designing yourself is really about stepping into the life that you really want. But sometimes even though we have figured out what we really want and even how to make it make it happen, we are stuck. Worrying about what others will think, overwhelm about how we can make ends meet, the whirlwind of change and a whole lot of other things that boil down to Fear keep us in place. For anyone who has ever dreamed of leaping into something fantastic, wild and dreamy, this week’s episode is for you. Sharon is fresh from her own cliff leap (selling her beautiful home to prepare to make a move from her lovely hometown in DC to the woods in the Catskill mountains of upstate New York) and she wants to empower you to do the same. She says 6 actions you can take to prepare for your own leap. Whether you are looking for a small baby step towards a change you really desire or are ready to dynamite your life, this week’s episode will give the clear steps to answer, “But how?”

Ideas Shared

How to Make the Leap (into something you really want)

  1. Create a Vision
  2. See the Details
  3. Be in Conversation with your Parter/s
  4. Take Action Tied to Present Moment
  5. Build a Community of Support
  6. Jump When You Are Ready

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