Design Yourself 101: Move

Have you ever felt stuck or overwhelmed from being in the middle of a transition? Sharon can relate. This week she shares why she chose “move” as her Design Myself theme this month and how that involves not just physically moving to upstate New York this month, but also getting off the couch and taking a lot of walks. She reflects on lessons learned from being 8 months in on setting monthly intentions/themes to design herself and in particular what additional lessons she’s learned about last month’s theme of “trust.” In particular, she keeps returning to the question of what the unspoken costs are of NOT trusting. You will hear all about where Sharon is in the process of moving to the Catskills and three reflection questions for listeners to get moving through their own transitions. Oh yeah, and there’s the story about the bear…

“Sometimes moving your body allows the ideas in your head to follow suit.”


Ideas Shared

Reflections on Trust

  • When trust is high, speed is high and costs are low
  • When trust is low, speed is slow and costs are high
  • Reflect: What is the cost of not trusting someone?

Reflection Questions to Get Moving

  • What is the question you are NOT asking yourself that would change everything?
  • What do you really want? (Imagine yourself in the present moment…
  • What do you appreciate right now?

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