Design Yourself 76: Rituals

This week’s episode introduces our January theme, Rituals. These are the actions and behaviors that we do regularly, invariably, without having to think about it. You will learn about why Sharon is introducing themes in 2018 (sneak peek: to avoid the end of year burn out and blues that are so prevalent), why rituals is our starting point this year, and how to see, evaluate and simplify your own rituals this year – and beyond! You’ll get tips on how to bring your current rituals into focus, how to determine what needs weeding and what needs cultivating and learn how to do all of this with ease and a healthy dose of fun. This is a great episode for anyone looking to move through your year with intention and to find ways to bring ease for how you move through your everyday routines.

“Rituals are like a uniform for your actions. They are something that we do everyday without having to think about it. There is incredible freedom and potential offered up in this way of being.” – Sharon Lipovsky

Ideas Shared

9 Steps to Create Rituals

  1. See what’s already there
  2. Weed out what’s unhelpful
  3. Notice what’s left
  4. Determine what’s missing (if anything)
  5. Remember that rituals aren’t sexy
  6. Choose thoughtfully what new rituals to cultivate
  7. Commit to the practice
  8. Let them carry you
  9. Create a system to evaluate and change

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