Design Yourself 77: Marie Kondo Your Life

There’s something about the start of the new year that makes you want to start with a blank slate, right? Cue the queen of decluttering, Marie Kondo, the Japanese organizational consultant behind The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. In this week’s episode, Sharon takes Kondo’s framework for decluttering your home and talks about how it can be adapted to living the life you really want. She reviews why it can be hard to keep your life in order in the first place and offers up tools and resources to overcome those challenges. From simplifying to being still to appreciating what’s already there, this week’s show has a little something for everyone. This is a great episode if you are looking for a little more peace and calm in your life and will be especially fun for all those who have been inspired by Marie Kondo’s approach to home.

“I suspect that the mind, like the feet, works at about three miles an hour. If this is so, the modern life is moving faster than the speed of thought, or thoughtfulness.” – Rebecca Solnit, Wanderlust

Ideas Shared

Tips for Adapting Marie Kondo’s Home Advice to Your Life

This was a fun episode to create for host and KonMari method fan, Sharon. See below for the 5 ways that Sharon has adapted the Marie Kondo framework to apply to how you lead your life

1. Why can’t I keep my LIFE in order?

Marie says: Why can’t I keep my house in order?

  • We inherit mindsets and behaviors from others (often unknowingly)
  • We don’t want to hurt people’s feelings
  • We are moving so fast and consuming so fast – it’s beyond the speed of thoughtfulness
  • Life is a moving target – it’s not like decluttering your house; it cannot be “finished” in a weekend
  • But we can create wins and we can keep our energy positive

2. Start with what is there

Marie says: Finish discarding first 

  • See what you want in your life
  • Everything that you need is already available
  • Be still
  • Avoid rushing, adding activities and other distractions

3. Focus on one thing at a time

Marie says: Tidying by category works life magic

  • To get focused, ask yourself these three questions:
  • What do you want? Pick a specific arena.
  • What will support me in getting there?
  • What next?

4. Honor Your Commitments

Marie says: Storing your things to make your life shine

  • Simplify
  • Appreciate
  • Let Go of unwanted baggage each day
  • We don’t get to choose what happens to us, but we do get to choose our emotions

5. You Can Design Yourself

Marie says: The magic of tidying dramatically transforms your life

  • See what you want
  • Let go of distractions
  • Joy in simplicity
  • Be a host for gratitude
  • Practice empathy
  • Set boundaries
  • Be the container for what you really want

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