Design Yourself 102: Growing Your Business and Your Family with Catherine Orr and Elena Rue of StoryMine

Sharon is joined by two of her business besties this week on the podcast. Catherine Orr and Elena Rue are known for creating documentary videos that move people. They’ve been on the podcast before sharing about their craft, but this week they are dishing on what it’s like to grow their business. They’ve been making bold moves recently (expanding their team, taking on a bigger project) inspired their imminent maternity leaves. Yes, they are both pregnant! These co-founders will both be welcoming their second children into the world within a month of each other. They share openly about where they see a clear path forward and where they still struggle. And they also dish on how they are finally taking the very advice that they’ve been giving their clients for years. This is a great episode for anyone who’s wondering how to take on a bigger role professionally while in the midst of a big personal transition. It’s also great for anyone looking for role models in how to be committed to continuous growth – as a business owner and human being.

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