Design Yourself 36: Telling Stories that Move People with Catherine Orr and Elena Rue

In today’s Design Yourself, we meet Catherine Orr and Elena Rue, the filmmakers and storytellers behind StoryMineMedia. Learn about how they launched a business that defied industry standards, created a unique perspective on how to tell stories that create impact, and pushed themselves to continue growing and learning along the way. This one is for anyone who has a story to tell. (Elena and Catherine would tell you that’s you. Yes, YOU!)

“If we are going to do it, we are going to do it.” – Catherine Orr

Resources and Links

  • Elena and Catherine generously offered to share their Story Strategy Guide with Design Yourself listeners
  • Independent film Overburden that Catherine and Elena edited and produced (directed by Chad A. Stevens) about coal mining
    • Editor’s Note: This film was awarded Honorable Mention from the Nicholas School Environmental Award Jury at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in 2015. Sharon misspoke in her intro saying that Overburden won the main award. The full list of 2015 winner’s can be found here.
  • The Point Road Studios’ story that StoryMine developed (scroll down in post for video)
  • Graduate program where Catherine and Elena met and built their journalism foundation
  • Brian Storm, Founder and Executive Producer at Media Storm 
  • Fellow coach and founder of Maley Group, Bethany Dufour
  • Check this page out for more information on the visioning retreat that Sharon and Bethany created for StoryMine 
  • Catherine references the Design Yourself podcast episode on not waiting – here it is

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