Design Yourself 107: Care

This week Sharon shares why her October Design Myself theme is “Care.” You’ll hear about the importance of taking care of what needs attention, pausing for self care and how you can still scratch your Type A itch by bringing an active approach to caring. Learn about the seasonal connection Sharon attaches to this theme now that autumn is in full effect in upstate New York, the place she’s felt most stuck through her recent relocation and the reason she likes to “do care” more than be cared for. Finally she shares a simple reflection exercise to prompt your own thinking about how to bring more care into your life and work. 

“A transition necessarily means you are going from one thing to another…the trick is to not get hung up on what was and really appreciate what is.”

Ideas Shared

There are 3 buckets of care that Sharon explores this month…

Take Care

Focus on what needs doing. For Sharon this includes, preparing her temporary quarters (cottage in the woods) for winter, clearing the dead wood on her property (and enjoying a bon fire!) and knocking off some of those lingering items on her to do list.

Self Care

What would give you more energy right now? An afternoon off? Deep tissue massage?

Sharon is committed to prioritizing some self care this month!

Do Care

Sharon has fun this episode reflecting on these 6 different types of questions:

  1. Who will I spend my time with?
  2. What matters now?
  3. Where can I find more ease?
  4. When will I rest?
  5. Why not?
  6. How will I prioritize?

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