Design Yourself 106: The Art of Allowing

Driving to get to the goal, pushing for results and taking action towards your objective all have pretty good track records in getting to a desired outcome. But this week host Sharon shares what some of the downsides are to always efforting your way to the finish line and how the art of allowing has challenged her belief that if you work hard, you will get good results. What happens, she ponders, if you just let things be? What happens if you take action that feels more like inspired choices and less like checking off a never ending to do list. In this week’s episode you’ll learn about how the art of allowing has been a powerful catalyst for meaningful change in Sharon’s life and learn 5 steps you can take to enter in this practice on your own. This is a great episode for anyone who is tired of teetering on the brink of burnout or feeling stuck in moving towards something that you really want.

“Act as if what you want is what is. Let what is be.”

Ideas Shared

What is the art of allowing?

For us it really boils down to two key points:

  1. Just let what is be. Without irritation or a sense that it must change. When in doubt, talk about the present in neutral, observable facts.
  2. Imagine what you desire as if it is. Not with a sense of the problems with getting to this imagined state. Not with any regret about how it might not happen. Or why you are unworthy of it. Imagine it as if it is what is and bask in the joy of being there. Embrace how it is just as it should be.

5 Tips to Practice the Art of Allowing

  1. Practice Radical Self Awareness
  2. Cultivate a Growth Mindset
  3. See the Good in What is
  4. Heal Where You Are Hurt
  5. Act as if What Your Want is What Is

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