Design Yourself 105: Building A Home – Lessons Learned Through the Design Process

Whether you have dreams of building your own home, are in the process of moving through a life transition or are just curious about Sharon’s new life in the woods, this week’s episode is for you. Sharon begins by sharing a glimpse into the reality of life in her new two room cottage in the Catskill Mountains of New York and then shares the connection she sees between designing a physical space and designing a life and offers the 5 key lessons that she has learned through the design phase of her building process. We’ll explore everything from the power of welcoming change, how trust is a key priority in getting great results (with sanity in tact!) and how building something from scratch isn’t the secret to perfection.

Ideas Shared

Designing a space and designing a life share these steps…

  • Simplify
  • Take Breaks
  • Be Free and Bold
  • Cultivate Courage and Get Comfortable with Fear
  • Keep Evolving

5 Lessons Learned Through the Design Process

  1. Embrace Imperfection
  2. Prioritize Trust
  3. Be Clear on What Matters
  4. Hold the Big Picture and Be Present Now
  5. Change Things Up

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