Design Yourself 115: Slow

December is here! It’s both inevitable and always a little surprising. This week on the podcast Sharon introduces the final theme of her 2018 Design Myself challenge, Slow. This challenge has been all about finding a way to both achieve results AND feel good at the same time. You’ll learn what appeals to Sharon about a slower pace of life, leadership and general way of being (pssst – it’s because it’s a good counter to her natural fast moving tendencies). She discusses the connection between living slowly and leading slowly. And how slow leadership, zero waste and mindfulness all intersect. You’ll hear the four ways that Sharon’s embracing slow in an intentional way this month and prompts you to reflect on what pace will serve you right now – and how will you choose it. This is a great episode for anyone looking to find some balance and joy this holiday season.

What’s important to you in this season?

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Ideas Shared

4 ways that Sharon is Embracing Slow

  • Blocking time to work out
  • Read More (Screen Less)
  • Connect with Friends
  • Journal

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