Design Yourself 116: Point Road Studios Turns 6 – Reflections and Lessons Learned

Point Road Studios is the business Sharon founded back in 2012. It is a coaching and leadership development business that focuses is on helping businesses and creatives bring intention and choice into their work and lives. As Point Road celebrates it’s 6th birthday this month, Sharon reflects on the key business lessons she’s learned over the last year. She also offers up simple questions for your own personal reflection as you crest over important milestones fo your own. This is a great episode for anyone curious about a behind the scenes look into running a business. It’s also great for anyone looking for some inspiration to learn from your own leadership experiences.

Ideas Shared

6 Years and 7 Lessons

  1. We really are stronger together
  2. What I need is right there in front of me
  3. Allowing works and feels better
  4. When you trust, leaping isn’t so scary
  5. Me and the business are not the same
  6. The business is still of me
  7. Work is a huge playground for learning

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