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Learning your whole life long is a gift. Learning as adults requires us to admit that we are simultaneously experts and beginners. Our workshops reinvent the adult learning experience, inviting us to play, explore, and see new possibility for our leadership.

Skill development, cultural alignment, team building—these are just a few of the reasons that clients ask for workshops.

Our workshops blend deep expertise with diverse and engaging learning methodologies. Whether you are working with us for a single workshop or a series, it is important to us that our work drives real and lasting impact. For this reason, we design all of our workshops around 3 distinct phases:


Planning and Preparation

We begin our workshop process with an upfront Planning Call. We want to understand who we are teaching. Not just their titles or roles, but what’s on their plate? What’s their current mood? When was the last time they came together for a learning experience? We also want to understand what success looks like for this event. Is it about driving attendance? Teaching a common vocabulary? Demonstrating a new skill set?

We will work with our sponsors before the event to understand your goals and objectives and your organization’s unique context. Our goal is to drive yours forward.


Workshop Delivery

Our workshops are designed to teach, not lecture. We want to engage our students and this means we consciously tie the learning back to real work and life experiences. Yes we will teach theories and frameworks, but we will ask students to apply those ideas to their own work challenges and opportunities. We build in diverse activities – from personal reflection to group problem solving. The workshop itself is where the learning comes to life.


Follow Up and Through

Ever participated in a learning event that felt awesome in the moment and then…nothing happened? No one asked about it and a couple of weeks later your memories of the session were mostly fuzzy. We connect with our workshop sponsor/s after each workshop for a Debrief Call. We want to hear their reactions to the event, share our own observations, and ensure that they have an action plan to keep the learning real and tangible moving forward.


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