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Look up! Look around! Sure, sometimes it is easier to focus on the minutia and keep heads down instead of taking in your full surroundings, but that is when we start creating blind spots. At Point Road, big picture thinking is part of our DNA. We believe in the power of stepping back and lifting up to focus your efforts on your greatest inflection point. We like to help our clients do this too.

You have the best intentions and are ready to take action. Only you don’t know quite where to begin. Or maybe you are great at getting things done, but aren’t quite sure the work you are doing is aligned with your broader mission and purpose. Sound familiar? 

Strategy is the plan that allows us to bring our goals to life. In our information-heavy, fast-paced work environments, it can be enticing to get heads down. To simply focus on doing what is right in front of you. We think there is a different way to get things done. This is the power of strategy – the power of setting a big picture vision that moves you to action. 

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