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We tend to live our lives with the momentum of what-has-always-been gaining more and more force behind us. This creates a subtle pressure to continue just as we always have. Coaching gives you pause. It asks you to pick a new horizon point for where you’d like to be and then offers a process to redirect your path forward.

Imagine that 6 months from now you could see your work and your world with new eyes. Fresh perspective opens us up to previously unseen choices – a catalyst for sustainable and positive change. Point Road Coaching is NOT about telling our clients the answer. Our coaching is a process that shifts mindset, offers new possibilities, and opens you up to the choice of change. What you choose to do with this new perspective is up to you. That’s the beautiful thing about being human; we get to choose our way.

How It Works



In the beginning, we work with our clients to set their purpose. We think our clients are endlessly fascinating people and could have really interesting conversations with them; but that’s not coaching. Coaching is a purposeful conversation and the purpose is set by our clients. (Don’t worry, we’ll help guide you through the process!)



Then there is the messy middle (insert wild hand gestures and scribbles here). Powerful questions, helpful tools and objective observations are the kinds of things that show up in the middle. This is where we roll up our sleeves and do the work. This doesn’t mean hours and hours of homework each week. This means shifting the way you see things. Bringing new perspective to old problems. This is the space where the magic happens.



At the end of a coaching engagement, our clients reflect on what they have learned and what will support them as they continue forward. We investigate how you will take the lessons learned and integrate them into your way of living and leading moving forward. Even though we have clients we work with over a longer period of time, we never have a coaching engagement that runs longer than a year. The reason? It’s important to bring things to a close. Even if you might reopen the dialogue a few weeks later, honoring the end point is incredibly powerful to driving results.

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