Relationships and Framing Conversations

Tis the season for gathering with the important people in our lives. Let us take a moment and remember how to have purposeful, heart-centered conversations. What am I really trying to accomplish here? Are we on the same page? Am I leading with love and empathy or am I igniting the fuse? Learn three points for how to frame important conversations as we explore these questions and more in this episode of Design Yourself.

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Ideas Shared

How to Frame a Purposeful, Connected and Values-aligned Conversation

1. Understand  the purpose behind your conversation

Are you ideating and exploring a topic to deepen your self-awareness? Or maybe you are ideating and exploring to deepen your connection to another person or group? Maybe you are seeking to influence someone to your point of view? Or maybe you are trying to shift someone’s behavior? Get really clear on the purpose.

2. Create alignment (or surface misalignment) in the conversation you are having. 

Do we have a shared purpose? What is a meaningful outcome? How do we want to navigate the conversation? How do we want to feel in the conversation we are having?

3. Start with yourself and radiate empathy. 

Emotional Intelligence asks of us that we start with self reflection and self management before we start focusing on the relationship or system we are a part of. This is critical to remember when we are building relationships.