Clearing Your Leadership Stuff

Leadership begins on the inside and takes place out in the world. It makes sense then that we want to pay attention to and care for what we carry with us on the inside. But how can we tell what is taking up space in our leadership closets? How do we edit and curate this inner space?

In today’s Design Yourself podcast, we explore the intangible leadership stuff we carry and reflect on how to release the unnecessary weight.

Ideas Shared

3 Areas Where Leaders Must Be Effective 

From Robert J. Anderson and William A. Adams’ book Mastering Leadership

  1. Leadership Process
  2. Leadership Competencies
  3. Leadership Consciousness

Types of Leadership Stuff

Inner Game

  • Beliefs
  • Values
  • Mindsets
  • Habits
  • Presence/Energy
  • Emotional Set Point
  • Story
  • Vision

Outer Game

  • Schedule
  • Recurring Meetings + Agendas
  • Tools 
  • Systems (Sales Process, Client Experience, Team Experience)
  • Style Choices
  • Office Space

Reflection Questions

(Based on Shira Gill’s Decluttering Framework in Minimalista)

  1. Clarify – What matters most for your leadership right now? What do you really want? What’s your leadership vision right now? What distracts you? What creates dissonance in your focus?
  2. Edit – Look at what you are holding by type. Is it working for you? What is holding you back? What do you need to let go of?
  3. Organize – Once you’ve let go of the excess, you can start to organize. How do you bring order to how you honor the things that are important?
  4. Elevate – This is the space of beauty and elegance. How do you decorate and bring a finished feel to all you do. 
  5. Maintain – Adopting habits that make this clutter clearing sustainable on an ongoing basis.

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