Clutter Clearing

Results follow attention. So knowing what matters (and what doesn’t) is a key part of bringing ease and order to your life and work. But letting go isn’t always intuitive. How do I know what to get rid of and when? How can I overcome old habits and worries about letting go of stuff? Guided by Shira Gill’s framework and the evergreen wisdom of Marie Kondo, we dive deep into the what’s and how’s of Clutter Clearing – both in your home and in your leadership.

Ideas Shared

5 steps to Declutter – from Shira Gill‘s Minimalista

  1. Clarify – Do you know what matters most? What do you really want? What’s your vision right now? What distracts you? What creates dissonance in your focus?
  2. Edit – Get rid of the stuff that doesn’t bring you joy. What is holding you back? What do you need to let go of?
  3. Organize – Once you’ve let go of the excess, you can start to organize. How do you bring order to how you honor the things that are important?
  4. Elevate – This is the space of beauty and elegance. How do you decorate and bring a finished feel to all you do.
  5. Maintain – Adopting habits that make this clutter clearing sustainable on an ongoing basis.

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