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Vision Reading with Sharon Lipovsky


If you’re seeking greater mental clarity and vision alignment, don’t miss the chance to partner with Point Road founder Sharon Lipovsky in this limited-time offering. Your Vision Reading is the chance to cozy up with your vision with the support of an experienced executive coach and a ton of DIY resources to guide you before and after your live session. Let’s get started!

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Ready to get started with your Vision Reading? Let’s go!

What’s Included

  • Warm-Up Vision Meditation Reflection exercise  to get ready for your Reading
  • One 90-minute virtual Vision Reading with Point Road Founder and Executive Coach Sharon Lipovsky
  • What’s Next Assessment to distill where to prioritize your energy after the reading
  • Personalized resources to support you on your way

The Details

  • After purchase, we’ll contact you (or a gift recipient) to schedule your Vision Reading and share your warm up resources.
  • There is a limit of one virtual reading per person or group (max of three people).
  • Readings may be gifted. Please indicate if this purchase is a gift during check out. We will be in touch after purchase about timing for sharing gift with recipient.
  • This is a limited-time offer, and limited spots are available.

Questions? Contact experience@pointroadstudios.com for support.



Letter From Our Founder, Sharon Lipovsky

Hello—I’m so glad you are here!

Through my work as an executive coach and team guide, I partner with founders disrupting the status quo of their industries, creatives and artists transforming the way we see the world, and professionals who care deeply about making work more human.

One thing these leaders share in common is that they are all incredibly accomplished, and they can all get stuck. A people-pleasing habit might have them bending their energies to what works for others but not their business. An undermining money story might have them giving their work away for free. A sense of loyalty might keep them in their current role even when they feel compelled by other options.

There is another way. And it starts with a vision. Let’s discover yours.


Sharon Lipovsky's Signature