Dreaming Big Without Burnout

The experience we have on the journey to get to our destination is indicative of how we will feel once we arrive. Chasing our vision can be exhilarating, and it can also be exhausting. How do we build momentum and follow our dreams in a sustainable way? That’s what we explore in Dreaming Big Without Burnout.


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Ideas Shared


Things To Remember To Dream Big Without Burnout 


  • Discernment is the Foundation – Practice self-care and radical self-awareness to grow your capacity and stay aligned to what matters most. This is how we stay connected to our “what” and ensures that we have the energy to do more.
  • Pace Matters – Be clear on what speed is needed now? Pay attention to what energizes you.
  • Build a Plan – There are so many ways to lead with and toward your dream: Journal with prompts; set time each week to review your vision and how you are taking action to get there; work with an Accountability Partner; build your network of support.
  • Adapt Your Plan with Intention – Put intentional time on the calendar to assess what’s working, what is ready to be let go and what is needed now.