There Is Nothing Stopping You

I wanted to mix things up this week and share a short video with you. This video was filmed nearly 3 years ago, but my conviction shared here has only deepened.

If you are curious to learn more about the there is nothing stopping you mindset, check out the podcast I dedicated to this topic last month. You will learn how to set your own intentions loose into the world and get guidance on how to reveal your own deepest conviction. (Just getting clear on that starting point is often a huge catalyst for positive transformation.)

For me there is nothing stopping you is about the power of people – individuals, teams, communities, organizations. It’s acknowledging that we really are capable of what we set our minds and hearts toward realizing. And the power of the cascading effect of seeing this happen. The more people there are operating in this way, the greater the collective trickle down effect is. I really do believe that wild, fantastical, and positive change is possible. And it starts with a mindset.

“If you believe in the value of something,

of course you can build value in the world for that.”

I believe to my core that there is nothing stopping you. Or me. We can go after whatever it is that we really want. One of the many beauties of being human is that we get to choose where to focus our time, attention and efforts. The process is not always easy or straightforward, but it is available. It is a gift waiting to be received.

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