Design Yourself 31: There Is Nothing Stopping You

You’ve heard Sharon close each podcast with this phrase: There is nothing stopping you. But where did that come from and what exactly does it mean?  Learn how this tagline came to be and work through some reflection questions for getting deeper on your own beliefs. Your intentions really can change the world, but first you have to discover what they are.


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There is nothing stopping you

There is nothing stopping you is an intention that Sharon holds in everything that she does and creates. In this episode you’ll learn about

  • Where this phrase comes from
  • How it is informed by Sharon’s own growing up experience
  • How your intentions can change the world
  • How to let your intentions loose on the world

Finding your own voice

What you believe will influence how you show up and how you are are received by those around you. Be thoughtful about what you give this kind of emphasis to in your life. When you aren’t purposeful about the intentions you are holding, you may find yourself carried by the momentum of something that isn’t serving you.

Below are 5 simple questions to help you locate and speak out your own unique voice.

Questions to consider:

  • What is your deepest conviction?
  • In what ways are you sharing this conviction with the world?
  • Any places where you are feeling stuck or out of alignment with this conviction?
  • What intentions does your conviction spark for you?
  • What is the impact that your intention/s could have on the world?


Mary Oliver’s poem Summer Day