Design Yourself 02: You Just Have To Start

In Episode 2 of Design Yourself, Sharon discusses the importance of getting started. Career moves, life adventures, and creative projects can only begin from one place – the one you are in. The theme for today is: Stop waiting + start doing. Listen to hear some Sharon’s favorite tips for how to get over the delay game and start getting the job done.





  • Eric Smucker of Smucker Farms is the visionary urban farmer and CSA pioneer who said yes to my podcast interview back in 2013. Fingers crossed I can get him on the show now that it exists.
  • Here are the Erin Condren planners that my sister and I were using to capture our 2016 goals and intentions. I’ve had fun using my planner this year, though ultimately think I prefer something a little slimmer and more likely to make it into my purse on a daily basis. (I hate to be weighed down!) I recently picked up one of Appointed’s planners for my husband that I’m loving – and not just because he’s suddenly using a planner. (Though I’m not complaining about that either…)
  • Paul Jarvis is the superfabulous dude who finally kicked me into gear on launching Design Yourself. I love his podcast The Freelancer and his weekly newsletter the Sunday Dispatch. The book of his that I quote from is Everything I Know.
  • Registered Creative is the group of web development creatives that helped make this new website (circa Fall 2016) possible. Woot!