Design Yourself 03: Scary Is A Good Thing

In Episode 3, Sharon explores one of the fiercest barriers to going after what we really want: Fear.


Ideas Shared:

Here are the two types of Good Scary that I most commonly see happening to us:

  1. Scary New – How can I possibly? I never have before!
  2. Scary Change –  What? Me? Do something different? Never!

Scary Good Challenge: 

When it comes to leading a life that makes you wildly happy/fulfilled/delighted – what are you afraid of?

Another way to think of this is: What is holding you back from going after what you really want?

How to Embrace the Good Scary:

Step 1: Name and acknowledge the Good Scary.

Step 2: Lean into that fear in small ways. Stretch your comfort level.

Step 3: Ask yourself what emotion might help serve as a counter balance to fear. 

Step 4: Exercise courage.

Resources and Links:

So this Bad Scary stuff is real. Curious to learn more about how fear works when we are faced with Bad Scary? Geek out over here and learn a bit more about the neuroscience.