Design Yourself 01: Let’s Do This Thing

In this inaugural episode, Sharon shares her inspiration for launching the show, what you can expect from Design Yourself moving forward, and how this podcast fits in to her own professional journey as a creative, coach, and entrepreneur.

As I kicked off the podcast I shared both the story of how Design Yourself came to be and some of the headlines of my own professional trajectory. Below are some links to some resources I referenced related to my own career path.

  • I worked at the Advisory Board for nearly a decade. Loved it then and the more organizations I work with the more I admire and respect the culture and service ethic of this awesome place.


Host<a href="" title="Sharon Lipovsky">Sharon Lipovsky</a>
Audio EngineerColin Phillips
Theme Music"Following Through" by The Dismemberment Plan

About Design Yourself

Design Yourself is a weekly podcast for people who want to lead a well-designed life. Figure out what you want + make it happen.