Under the Surface

It is easy to get distracted by what we can see. Or what we want others to see. But what is visible is a small fraction of what is there. What happens on the inside, out of sight, is a tremendous source of wisdom and guidance for each of us. How can we connect to our interior selves? What clues might we find at the surface to help us drop in and see with new eyes? In this episode, we deepen our awareness of what’s happening for each of us under the surface.

Ideas Shared

Reflection Questions

  1. Think of an important event from the past. What do you remember what was happening for you on the inside? What were others experiencing of you on the outside?
  2. What signals do you get from your body about how you are feeling? (Do you get hot? Cold? Numb? Sweaty? Tense? Heart racing? Skin glowing? 
  3. Who is myself and what is my work?

Resources and Links