Assessing Capacity

Oh the things we carry. Our capacity is precious resource and must be treated with care and attention. And to do this, we have to have an honest assessment on what our capacity actually is. This episode is all about deepening our awareness on how to assess our capacity. We gain new perspective as we explore the interplay between capacity and scale, capability, attention and discernment. And we reflect together on 6 simple questions to cozy up to the truth of your own capacity right now.

Ideas Shared

Helpful Distinctions

  • Capacity – The maximum amount that something can contain. The amount that something can produce.
  • Scale – To do more with less.
  • Capability – The power or ability to do something.
  • Attention – What we choose to notice.
  • Discernment – The ability to judge well.

Reflection Questions

  1. Do you have space to take on more right now?
  2. What demands your attention?
  3. What deserves your attention?
  4. How would you grade you ability to focus on what matters most?
  5. What gets in the way of optimizing your capacity?
  6. What is your capacity super power?

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