Growing Capacity

The week we explore how to stretch into greater capacity. Both within yourself and beyond yourself. As we age and evolve, we often seek to be able to do more. This desire to grow might be tied to a certain season of life when you are stepping into something new and expansive – taking on a new role, launching a side hustle or creative endeavor, welcoming a child into your family. The need to stretch into a new way of doing things could also be tied to loss – letting go of a relationship, losing a job, grieving the death of a loved one. Or it could emerge from a personal conviction where you declare that you are ready to grow. Wherever the source, asking ourselves maximize our capacity is not an uncommon experience.

But how? Tune in to learn about pathways to growth from within yourself and when you expand through building out a team of support.

Ideas Shared

Ways to Grow Capacity Within Yourself

  • Repetition – getting better as you do it again and again
  • Skill Building – gaining new capabilities to allow more speed and integration
  • Smart Systems – integrating what you do with greater operational efficacy and efficieny

Ways to Grow Capacity Beyond Yourself

  • Delegation – Handing off tasks that are repeatable, teachable and (to start) low risk
  • Accountability vs. Responsibility – Owning more scope but having support and new ways to manage and impact through others
  • Great Management and Leadership – Inspiring and supporting others to do their best work – so you can do your best work