We are living through unprecedented times. Words like pandemic, recessions, layoffs, hybrid work, and more are part of our everyday professional vernacular. And that’s to say nothing of ongoing systemic issues from which there are many to choose. As a result, anxiety has become a necessary part of workplace conversations. What do I do when anxiety strikes – for myself or for a colleague? How can I get out of an anxiety spin cycle and into aligned and inspired actions?

Ideas Shared

Moves to Make to Process Anxiety

  1. Sit with it. Breath into it. Notice it without judgement.
  2. Get curious. What is it here for? A lesson to learn? An action I need to take? A past way of operating that it’s time to let go of?
  3. Seek perspective. What else is true? What’s another point of view?
  4. Flow. Watch for stagnant energy. Be the spontaneous stream finding a way through.
  5. Stay with it. Come back to breathing. Be still. Be.