50: Turning 50 and Evaluating Progress

Today we close out Season One of Design Yourself with the celebration of the podcast’s 50th episode! Leadership Coach Sue McLeod joins host Sharon to reflect on what she’s learned after her first year of podcasting and to model a process for evaluating progress. Whether you are wondering how your own passion project is going or are ready to take stock on a work initiative, this week’s show offers questions to help you see how you are doing. This is also a great show for anyone interested in what it takes to start and stick with a podcast and learn what happens behind the scenes at Design Yourself.


“For Sharon there’s there’s this and – as opposed to an or – that guides her life.” – Sue McLeod

“I do not hold myself up as THE model…but I do feel like having the specifics of what’s real for someone makes the feedback or tools or advice more tangible.” – Sharon Lipovsky

“A lot of my leadership is just living my life and sharing that with people.” – Sue McLeod

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