Design Yourself 49: A Passion for Living with Nate Shearer

If you’ve ever wondered how you can make not just a living, but a life, this week’s episode is for you. Nate Shearer is a thoughtful, funny guy who doesn’t let work define him. His pursuit of play has led him to race bikes professionally, learn the welding trade, explore skate and surf culture, move out to the country and then return to the city – and the list goes on. He is also one of Washington, D.C.’s great hair stylists; he apprenticed under the world-renowned Orlando Pita. Tune in for inspiration on how to follow your passion and let the magic of curiosity unfold.

“My primary focus in life is mostly, for lack of a better word, playing; I’ve always gravitated towards jobs that I could just take off whenever I wanted, jobs I didn’t take home with me.”

– Nate Shearer

“I feel like I work best when it’s approached like a collaboration.” – Nate Shearer

“That’s how you should try to form your life. You should just do these passion projects. If you are passionate enough about it and you just keep doing it, then people will be like, wow, what is this. Eventually, if you don’t allow other people to stifle your passion then that passion can actually become your profession.” -Nate Shearer

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Learn more about Nate Shearer

You can find Nate cutting hair at Calvary Salon (Washington, DC)

insta (professional): natetheshearer

insta (passion project): thejunkmilechronicles